Cyber Security – recruitment ongoing!

Cyber Security – recruitment ongoing!

The studies are aimed at those who have completed the undergraduate studies in IT, and who want to broaden their knowledge and professional skills related to cyber security.

The studies are of a practical nature, therefore twice as many laboratory classes are expected as lectures. Very welcome are candidates who have work experience related to information security and IT systems.

Nevertheless, people with good IT fundamentals will be able to participate in cyber security studies in order to broaden their knowledge in the field, gaining the knowledge and skills required for professionals in the field.

The head of the study is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Topic scope:

  • Computer network security (lectures - 12 h, 24 hour laboratories)
  • WWW application security (lectures - 12 h, laboratories 24 h)
  • Mobile application security (lectures - 12 hours, 24 hour laboratories)
  • Applied cryptography (lectures - 12 h, laboratories 24 h)
  • Penetration tests (lectures - 12 h, laboratories 24 h)
  • Information security management (lectures - 12 h, 24 hour laboratories)
  • Cyberspace protection techniques I (lectures - 12 h, laboratories 24 h)
  • Cyberspace protection techniques II (lectures - 12 h, laboratories 24 h)

Total: Lectures 78 h, Laboratories 156h = 234h


Dr Andrzej Bobyk - KUL

MSc. Bartłomiej Konarski - PJATK

Dr hab. Bogdan Księżopolski - PJATK, UMCS - Head of studies

MSc. Michał Kurek

MSc. Michail Mokkas - PJATK

Dr. Damian Rusinek - UMCS, Securing

MSc. Lukasz Staniak - Ernst & Young


Requirements for those wishing to attend postgraduate studies in Cyber ​​Security:

  • Completion of engineering studies or Bachelor's degree in computer science (in exceptional cases, other undergraduate studies in the sciences or technical sciences)
  • Good knowledge of MS Windows and Linux / Unix operating systems
  • Good knowledge of network issues
  • Good knowledge of the basics of cryptography
  • Good programming knowledge (preferably Java)
  • Good knowledge of web application programming


Within the courses, students will gain the knowledge and skills required for the following industry certifications:

  • ISO / IEC 27001 - Information Security Management by. ISO / IEC 27001
  • CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional - (ISC) ²
  • CEH - Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

Course organization:

Two semesters of 8, two-day meetings (Saturday / Sunday) after 9h daily (3h lecture + 6h lab).