Absolwenci PJATK wśród najlepiej zarabiających w Polsce


Graduates of Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology are among the best-paid young specialists in Warsaw.

According to the National Monitoring System of Economic History of University Graduates, downloading data from Polish Social Insurance Institution, and based on the article “Whether to study as a passion or for money” (Gazeta Wyborcza, 29th of June 2018), average earnings of graduates in 2016 present as follows:

Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology – 6.6 thousand zł

SGH Warsaw School of Economics – 5.6 thousand zł

Warsaw University of Technology – 4.4 thousand zł

Warsaw University – 3.6 thousand zł

Military University of Technology in Warsaw (WAT) – 3.6 thousand zł

Warsaw University of Life Sciences WULS – 3.3 thousand zł

Cardinal Wyszyński University in Warsaw (UKSW) – 2.8 thousand zł

Highest earnings in Warsaw are among the IT Department graduates of PJATK; for example, after finishing master’s studies, the average income is 7945 PLN.
Bachelor studies’ graduates from Information Management Department have average earnings of 4018 PLN and are ranked second in terms of income.
Employers are also interested in graduates form Graphics at SNM Division, both in Warsaw and in Gdańsk, and whose earnings are within the first „five”. Moreover, graduates form master’s degree are unquestionable leaders.
Similar income can be expected after graduating from Interior Design at PJATK.
What is most important, our graduates do not have to face the decision whether to work for money or for their interests, because they studied the subjects they are passionate about.

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