Online courses

Online courses

The online (part—time Internet-based) programme is completed remotely from any location in the world. All that is required is Web access. At the end of each semester, an examination session is held at PJAIT campus. For subjects that require work in real labs, stationary sessions are held at the PJAIT premises twice a year - September/October and February. Instruction is provided in Polish or English.

Attention: First-semester Students must attend an obligatory session which will be held on February 16-19 2023, during which a subject of WSI (Introduction to Information Systems) will be realized in Warsaw.


Online studies in the format ‘part-time with the use of distance learning methods and techniques’ are organised as follows:
1. Online learning using the Edux proprietary system of the Academy (PJAIT) throughout the semester.
2. Examination session plus, possibly, a laboratory session at the end of the semester at the Academy.

Educational materials are available from the Edux system. Each week the student studies a given topic on his/her own, and completes the assigned homework and tests. It is not necessary to log into the Edux system on a specific date. There are no synchronous lectures or online classes. Educational materials are in the form of html with added multimedia elements. Sample materials are available at: https://gakko.pjwstk.edu.pl/mat/118/lec/index.html

Contact with the lecturers takes place in the form of weekly, optional (on-demand) consultations on the Microsoft Teams platform, as well as via e-mail.

Exam sessions (exams, credits) and laboratory sessions (intensive courses in specific subjects) take place in the stationary mode on the Academy’s campus at the end of each semester. The examination session usually lasts 4 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday), and the laboratory session lasts 4-5 days (working days and, possibly, the adjacent weekend). Both sessions are connected, so students come to Warsaw once a semester for about 9 days.

The studies begin with a 5-day laboratory session in the subject of "Introduction to information systems", which takes place on campus. As part of the course, students learn, among other things, how to study online at PJAIT, including the use of Edux and Microsoft Teams e-learning platforms.


The profile of a graduate of the online programme is very similar to that of a full-time programme. The only difference is the greater emphasis on Internet technologies.

Students of the full-time and part-time (weekend) courses at PJAIT who have failed to pass a subject can re-take it online under the Individual Instruction (ITN) arrangement. This is valid for most subjects.