Students choose the specialisation by completing a survey. Each student is obliged to choose one specialisation, with which s/he will continue his/her studies. Students who would like to opt for two specialisations simultaneously should mark their choice in the survey. Information about the survey and the time it takes to complete it is sent annually to students. At the end of its duration time, a change of decision is not possible.

Students studying in the ITN mode, wishing to start their diploma specialisation in the next semester should go to Dean's office to activate the account in the survey. This also applies to those who have already chosen a specialisation before and want to start it over again.

From the 2015/2016 academic year, PJATK offers the following specialisations:

Online Courses

A_BD. Databases

A_IO. Software and databases engineering

B. System and network programming

E. Multimedia

G. Programming of business applications

HD. Data warehouses