Students choose the specialisation on the 4th semester (full-time programme) or on the 6th semester (part-time programme) are devoted to core instruction. 

Specialised tuition focuses on gaining practical skills in working on a project in a team. The subject named Project simulates conditions of the future work environment. Other subjects expand on the areas of expertise necessary to become a specialist in the chosen field. Depending on the specialization students learn such programming languages as: Prolog, ML, As-sem¬bler, C#, SQL.

We offer following specialisations:

  1. Databases (A_BD);
  2. Software and database engineering (A_IO);
  3. Cybersecurity, Systems and network programming (B);
  4. Intelligent data processing systems (D);
  5. Multimedia (E);
  6. Multimedia – 3D animation (E3D);
  7. Multimedia – game programming (EPG);
  8. Robotics (F);
  9. Programming of business applications (G);
  10. Mobile networking (H);
  11. Data Warehousing (HD).