Data warehouses

Data warehouses

Coordinator: Agnieszka Chądzyńska-Krasowska, MSc


Subjects covered

Students learn how to create a data warehouse, from designing and creating a central warehouse, through ETL processes, building cubes, creating a business analysis environment, preparing required reports, to conducting exploratory analyzes.
There are many possibilities to use acquired knowledge in future jobs.

Graduates can work on such positions as: junior data warehouse specialist, designer/analyst/programmer of data warehouse.


Sample titles of thesis projects done so far:

  • Use of the Business Intelligence system to analyze medical services
  • Business Intelligence system for analysis of sales data for a company investing in real estate
  • Data warehouse for a company selling mobile internet access
  • A system for analyzing performance of research laboratories that test the X-ray apparatus
  • Business Intelligence system for analyzing numerousness of student groups at PJWSTK