Multimedia – Game programming

Multimedia – Game programming

Coordinators: mgr inż. Daniel Sadowski

Subjects covered

The first semester involves intensive learning of C++ programming. Students focus on using the DirectX library. It is an integrated package offering not only access to graphics but also to sound, network, input/output devices, video streaming etc. In the following semesters, students cover more demanding issues, such as using scripts, simulations,  programming of graphic cards etc. They produce a prototype application with appropriate documentation. The last semester is devoted to expanding the prototype, which becomes the thesis project with documentation functioning as the thesis. Most projects are done in teams.

Additionally, tutorials cover such subjects as designing game mechanics, creating characters, presenting interactive stories, in other words – broadly understood game design.

Possibilities of using the knowledge in future work

Graduates can work as computer game programmers. Their background will also make them excellent programmers of real-time applications, programmers of 3D visualisations, AI algorithms. They can write programs for XBox 360.

Sample titles of thesis projects done so far

  • Simple simulator of helicopter flight „Operation Silent Wing”;
  • Application of Augmented Reality for the purpose of training soldiers on the example of the game ”Sudden Strike”;
  • Application of genetic algorithms to designing learning opponents on the example of the game ”Orc hunter”;
  • Creating a virtual, living world on the example of the game ”Merchants of Old World”;
  •  Programming of an advanced game engine basing on state-of-the-art. technologies, such as ”programmable real time shaders”;
  • Building a simple application/game which uses a tactile interface


The laboratory is equipped with modern computers which allow for the use of the latest technologies. Among other devices one should also mention Xbox, VR glasses and 5.1. sound system