Programming of business applications

Programming of business applications

Coordinator: dr Krzysztof Barteczko

Subjects covered

Effective programming of business applications, including large scale projects, in modern, universal programming languages such as  Java, C#, Scala, Groovy. Students will also learn about designing templates, advanced concurrent programming, multi-layers, paradigms for designing and programming (eg. SOA i MDA). Moreover they will study varied, used in practice environments for programming and creating business applications – such as JEE i .NET, environments of application servers (eg. WebSphere, JBoss, Glas­sFish), and complex business systems, especially for supporting decision making - eg. SAS, advanced CRM systems).

Possibilities of using the knowledge in future work

Graduates of this specialization can create, implement and integrate distributed business applications, use universal paradigms and latest technologies, develop and integrate different systems of the back-end and front-end type. They are specialists in business systems programming, who will know technical details and avant-garde business software programming technology, which should give them the good position on the job market.

Sample titles of thesis projects done so far

  • Creating business portals using the RIA ("Rich Internet Application") technology;
  • Using SEAM platform in a system for exchanging virtual objects;
  • System of the Workflow type using jBPM technology;
  • Using LINQ and .Net Remoting technologies in business applications.


The laboratory is equipped with a powerful network server with installed application servers. It is used to develop and test distributed systems. Additionally there are computers with software for developing and local testing of applications.