Multimedia – 3D Animation

Multimedia – 3D Animation

Coordinator: mgr Piotr Pawłowski

Subjects covered

Graduates possess knowledge and skills of using techniques for image processing and 3D animation. They can easily prepare 3D models for animation and  provide technical assistance  for professional animators. Moreover, they can control the creation process  of 3D animation, special effects and post-production.  They can set up and monitor systems used in the production pf special effects and 3D animation.

Possibilities of using the knowledge in future work

Production of: movies, commercials, TV programmes, postproduction, special effects. Programming of games and other multimedia applications.

Sample titles of thesis projects done so far

  • Production of an animated movie using 3D graphics;
  • Creating content for a computer game.

Animation and 3D graphics laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with a 3D scanner used for scanning busts with texture, a 3D hand-scanner, latest PCs and a haptic interface. It also boast its own Blue Box. The staff work on developing technologies for film and television, animation and rendering technologies. They teach specialist (project) courses for students of 3D animation and game programming.