Software and database engineering

Software and database engineering

Coordinator: prof. Kazimierz Subieta

Subjects covered

Analysis and design of information systems using object methods (UML) and object tools (CASE); software engineering including the full lifecycle of software (strategic phase, analysis, design, construction, testing, implementation, maintenance, modification), management of programming projects, measures of complexity and quality of software, etc. Thesis projects combine databases, software engineering and distributed technologies the Internet). Students use a variety of software: CASE, Microsoft SQL Se­rver, Microsoft Internet Information Server/ASP, Oracle, Visual Basic, Java, .NET, web browsers. Since 2005 we have added IBM software: RAD, WebSphere and Rational.

Possibilities of using the knowledge in future work

Graduates are specialists in analysis, designing and administration of large information systems, methods of software engineering, methods of database design, methods of increasing software quality, methods of integration with the Internet. They are employed in medium and large computer companies working on key IT projects for the government and administration, banks, commercial enterprises, schools, military and the media.

Sample titles of thesis projects done so far

  • Corporate repository for the storage and reuse of information, files and media;
  • Knowledge and risk management in a programming firm – a system for the collection of silent knowledge of employees and preventing different risks to firm’s interests;
  • Software supporting the construction and functioning of an online shop. Allows to set up a Z-shop, i.e. a shop without own warehouse, collecting and presenting offers of external suppliers of goods and services;
  • A workflow system supporting the management of documents and software quality;
  • A system supporting the teaching of analysis and object-oriented programming;
  • A content management system for the creation of internet applications.

Description of the laboratory

We use different software bundles during classes: CASE, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Internet Information Server/ASP, Oracle, Visual Basic, Java, .NET platform, WWW browser. Since 2005, IBM software is also used: RAD, WebSphere, and Rational.