Will be held by a joint Admission Committee of PJAIT and SWPS University. The
results of every step of recruitment process are public.

The Committee consists of:
- Programme leaders from PJAIT and SWPS University
- Ccoordinator from SWPS University.
During the enrolment process, each candidate chooses their discipline that will also
define their future thesis.
The program is dedicated to graduates of masters’ studies in; informatics,
psychology, sociology, economy, mathematics or other studies from fields of science
and linguistics.

1. Recruitment begins 16.04.2018 in the internet recruitment system of PJAIT
and ends on the 31 st of May 2018.

2. Each candidate must provide the following documents (which should be
deposited in the dean’s office at PJAIT) plus a recruitment fee:

o Personal questionnaire downloaded and printed from the system
o 1 photo (in compliance with prerequisites for a personal ID photos) on
paper and on a CD (saved as a .jpg)
o 1 copy of personal ID (plus original available for verification)
o Application to the Recruitment Committee, containing a motivation letter
(in English)
o CV
o Copy of master’s diploma with a supplement (or a grade transcript,
original available for verification)*
o Documentation of candidate’s achievements (copy plus original
available for verification)

Master’s diploma can be supplemented later during the recruitment process

3. English exam for candidates who do not have a B2 certificate (date TBA)

4. Interviews + a presentation

Presentation topics:

1. Information Technologies for Elders
2. Motivation Mechanisms for Users of Web2.0 Platforms
3. Credibility Evaluation Support Techniques
4. Natural Language Processing and AI in Dialogue Systems
5. Visual Detection of Emotions, Microexpressions and Lying

1. Use of ICT for Improving Cognitive Abilities of Children, Adults or Elders (Healthy
or With Cognitive Disabilities)
2. A Comparison of Real and Virtual Social Relations in the Age of the Internet
3. Synthesis of Large Datasets of Brain Sensor Data (EEG, fMRI)
4. Diagnosing and Counteracting Digital Exclusion
5. Technostress: Negative Reactions to Technology

5. A test of problem-solving skills, held on the day of the interview

6. Evaluation by potential tutors – 10-15 th September 2018

Results will be available on the 24 th of September 2018

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