Regulation of the dean about forms of applications submitted by students 11 January 2019

Extending the validity of student electronic and regular ID cards until 31 March 2019

The following principles will apply :

Students who do not have any outstanding payments may have the validity of their ID cards extended.

The ID cards (min.10) can be collected by group representatives and brought to the Dean’s office (Dziekanat). GROUP REPRESENTATIVES SET UP LEGITIMATIONS IN THE DEAN'S OFFICE WITHOUT QUEUING AND THEY PICK THEM UP AT THE NEXT BREAK.

For part-time students: on the dates listed below starting 20 October 2018 ,:
20 – 21 October, 27 - 28 October
04 – 05 November, 17 – 18 November

Full-time students: starting 15 October 2018 ,

In case of documents brought outside the above mentioned time slots, for technical reasons, we do not guarantee that the ID card will be extended on the same day – please note that the service will be provided only on the weekdays and weekends mentioned above.