General information

General information

These  interdisciplinary studies give  thorough knowledge, awareness and competence in creating  man's environment by combining expertise in the area of fine arts and architecture with knowledge of modern digital media, multimedia and visual arts.  The studies are conducted only in Polish.

Graduates’ artistic and technical qualifications are the result of a proven and constantly perfected curriculum of Interior design in the Polish Academies of Fine Arts.

A team of outstanding educators from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts draws on this experience and prepares students to work in interior design, fittings and furnishings, arranging fairs and exhibitions, product presentation or furniture design.

The curriculum comprises aspects of applied art in modern design and advanced technologies as well as craft design in simple technologies.

Classes and lectures include the following subjects : construction and installations, technical projects, exhibition techniques, ergonomics, psychophysiology of vision, light and colour, computer technologies and computer-aided design.

The main stream of education is accompanied by artistic education ( painting, drawing and sculpture), which enables students to use different forms of artistic expression in order to create the artistic language in accordance with interests and the logic of shape. Furthermore, the artistic subjects provide students with comprehensive professional development, varied forms of expression and culturally - valid education.

After completing 7 semesters ( full-time studies) or 8 semesters ( part-time studies), students choose specialization and work on undergraduate projects in the following areas:

  • Interior design
  • Exhibition design.

Apart from the specialized courses, students attend lectures and classes in history of art and architecture, philosophy, Japanese culture, landscape architecture, English and optional classes in Spanish, German or Japanese.

The acquired skills will enable graduates to find employment in design companies, both in Poland and abroad.