International exchange

International exchange

Students and staff of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, under the ERASMUS+ programme and other programmes enabling the exchange with Japanese universities, have the opportunity to do part of their studies or teaching hours (staff) in foreign universities, and to do an internship abroad.

Owing to the exchange programmes, the PJAIT community each year is joined by students and staff from partner universities. The host staff conducts classes for students, and the students being hosted join the community of regular PJAIT students for a semester or for the whole year.

Studies abroad are an opportunity to perfect foreign language, get to know another country, another culture and, above all, to broaden horizons and experience various scientific and educational practices. This allows to gain valuable experience and obtain access to career planning in companies outside Poland.

The mobility of staff allows to develop prospects, exchange experiences, establish professional contacts, and launch international educational and scientific projects.

PJAIT students have the opportunity to spend from 3 months to one academic year participating in educational exchanges. In the case of internship, its time period shall be at least 2 months. Teaching visits of the staff usually take not more than one week in the course of the semester.

Students and staff interested in such programmes are required to apply through appropriate online forms during the recruitment period. Each year, the date of application for studies and internship is the end of the first semester, and for staff visits – the end of the second semester. Information on recruitment shall be transmitted during periods of recruitment by e-mail to the respective PJAIT student groups and staff.

The scholarships shall be awarded by the committees of respective faculties.

International Cooperation Office is conducted by Olga Wroniewicz (coordinator) and Krzysztof Ciemny (office manager).

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