Staff mobility

Staff mobility

PJAIT employees can perform part of their work abroad: in partner institutions, as well as have the opportunity for professional development in specialised training and international research projects. Teaching and administrative staff may apply for grants for teaching and training purposes under the Erasmus+ programme.

The recruitment of staff to the programme is continuous, and is concluded once a year by the recruitment board.

The recruitment takes place annually and refers to the forthcoming academic year.

Mobility execution stages:

  1. notification of the general mobility plan – via PJAIT recruitment form
  2. internal recruitment results – announced by e-mail
  3. establishment and acceptance of the mobility plan with the target institution
  4. conclusion of a teaching/training agreement Erasmus+ (staff – partner institution – PJAIT)
  5. conclusion of a grant agreement (staff – PJAIT)
  6. mobility execution
  7. report and publication of results.

The detailed procedure and recruitment rules are specified in the document: staff recruitment rules – link below.

In the case of questions, we invite you to contact the international cooperation office:

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(+48) 22 58 44 544

02-008 Warszawa,
ul. Koszykowa 86
pokój #16




Erasmus+ Handbook for University staff

Recruitment form for PJAIT staff

Erasmus+ recruitment procedure for employees

Mobility Agreement for Teaching/Training – blank

PJAIT Mobility Report – compulsory report after the conclusion of mobility