Japanese handicraft workshops

Japanese handicraft workshops

Unique handicraft workshops, during which you will learn about Japanese culture. An opportunity to learn traditional Japanese methods of creating toys, various decorations, and utility products. During the workshops, most of the original Japanese tools, products, and materials will be used.

We are planning the courses of making:

  • toys - otedama pouches, colorful coma donuts, origami, paper dolls - warabeningyō tabs, kaleidoscope, etc.
  • hanging tsurushikazari, keychains made of Japanese paper tape, decorative phone pendants, floral ornaments (pendants, brooches) made using the tsumamizaiku method, kumihimo cords, and ribbons, kanzashi hairpins, and shushu rubber bands, etc.
  • tility items: cases for chopsticks and fans, fabric book covers, kinchakubukuro pouches, toby and handbags, kirigami-cut Christmas cards, furoshiki scarf and its applications, glass cores, and many more.
  • Kamikiri is the traditional Japanese art of paper cutting. The artists create works resembling cutouts as well as complex 3D pop-up forms. During the workshops, participants will try their hand at creating decorative traditional cards (Christmas cards and others), as well as three-dimensional ones. Participants will use a paper cutter, so the workshops are aimed at people who know how to use them.
  • 3aKumihimo is a traditional Japanese art of weaving decorative strings used in everyday life in Japan, which are often an element of clothing. Japanese craftsmen have mastered the skill of manually (and sometimes using wooden tools) braiding cords in countless patterns. This art is returning now, and interest in it is growing among young Japanese people. During the workshop, participants will learn the basic patterns of weaving decorative strings. They will use specialized discs, yarn, mouline, etc. for this.


The workshops will be held cyclically on Saturdays and will last 2-3 hours.

Workshop regulations

Photos from the classes: