Klub Absolwenta

Klub Absolwenta

The Alumni Club aims to maintain ties and contacts between graduates and the university. Anyone who has a diploma or a certificate of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology (formerly the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology) may join the club's membership.

We also invite you to register with the Graduate Club, thanks to which we will have up-to-date contacts to which we will send you interesting information over time.  
As the PJATK Alumni Club, we plan to organize meetings, workshops and other events, as well as to launch programs, e.g. mentoring programs, to strengthen relations between graduates and the Academy community. We want to be there for you, so feel free to contact us!

For starters, we have a short survey for you, thanks to which we will get a handful of necessary information about you and find out what you expect from us, so let's go!
Survey link:
EN: https://forms.gle/t2C7eR8H4nzZrUH19

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