Graphic Design and Multimedia Art

Graphic Design and Multimedia Art

Graphic Design and Multimedia Art program has emerged on the basis of ten years of work in an
international design environment and the experience (during two years of pandemic restrictions)
of transferring educational and creative activities to the sphere of the Internet, coupled with
intensive development of a blended learning framework. The demand for digital graphic designers
has increased due to the proliferation of this form of learning and social interaction.
In anticipation of the development of the market for design for the Internet and Smart
Environment, the Graphic Design & Multimedia Art program prepares graduates to work
for the international community and communicate with digital tools in an Extended
Reality (XR), taking into account both our real and virtual environments.

Learning is based on three components:

– humanistic and theoretical, aimed at understanding the customs and principles of
communication in a multicultural world in a historical and anthropological perspective,
respecting cultural and environmental differences and dissimilarities;

– artistic and design skills serving to learn how to solve design problems in a complex reality,
using modern digital graphic tools, and the ability to work in interdisciplinary teams;

– IT – to acquire knowledge and skills in the use of existing tools and IT
techniques and to adapt them to one’s own design needs.

Classes are taught by artists, designers, engineers and humanists, representing different nationalities,
cultures and academic backgrounds. Common English and an in-depth knowledge of the semiotics
of visual language, prepare you to communicate in the multicultural environment of the Internet.
Workshop work under the supervision of educators, representing different centers and academic
disciplines, gives experience of many methods of conducting projects and sensitizes to values,
flowing from diverse experiences and attitudes. It broadens and enriches the cultural horizon. The
scope of the design problems considered goes beyond the local area, which provides an opportunity
to see the role of the contemporary designer in the context of the global needs of civilization.
Selected projects, created in cooperation with representatives of companies and institutions, are realized
and implemented. This gives the opportunity to test students’ skills already during their studies.

A person graduating from this field of study understands the international communication context
and proficiently uses verbal and visual language to convey the intended content using modern
design tools and techniques. He or she is prepared to collaborate in interdisciplinary teams. She
appreciates the value and power of equal partnerships. Is ready to work with respect for diversity,
equality and inclusion, respecting the value of life and the ecological needs of the planet.

Observing the needs of the creative industries and the areas of interest of
the young generation, we propose three specialized scopes:
– design intelligent, interactive space based on multimedia installations;
– designing games and graphics for Extended Reality (XR);
– user experience (UX) and interactive graphics design.