Part-time (weekend) studies

Part-time (weekend) studies

Part-time studies involve lectures and classes held twice a month on weekends: Saturday-Sunday 08:00-21:00. During each semester there are 8 weekend study sessions. The academic year lasts from October to end of June and is divided into 2 semesters. Lectures and classes are only in Polish.

Undergraduate part-time studies last 6 semesters. Graduates receive the Bachelor of Arts degree in the field of Graphic Design. Since the academic year 2011/12 PJAIT has had in its offer also one-stage graduate (MA) studies. The programme covers the material of undergraduate (1st degree) and graduate (2nd degree) studies without the option of Bachelor diploma. The part-time graduate (MA) programme lasts 11 semesters. Graduates receive the degree of Master of Arts (MA) in the field of Graphic Arts.

The undergraduate programme is broken into two stages. First three semesters cover basic education in graphic arts and computer techniques. After 3 semesters, students choose specialization path and broaden their knowledge as well as skills in that area plus relevant technology. Most teaching and learning is then done in small project groups during workshop-type classes. Students create diploma works under the leadership under the supervision of their tutors. The completed works are the bases for obtaining a degree.

Classes are held in computer laboratories or dedicated arts workshops, depending on the subject.

All students of Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology have 3 semesters of English (or learn until they reach the B2 level). They can continue with English in later semesters of choose from a variety of other language courses – Japanese, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian.

In the academic year 2014/15 we started offering courses in Polish for our foreign students and candidates. The aim was to assist them in studying and living in Poland. The courses will be available also in the coming academic year 2015/16.