Open Day at PJAIT - 5 June 2019

Open Day at PJAIT - 5 June 2019

We invite You to the PJATK Open Day on Wednesday, June 5, 2019, at 15.30–18:30.

Open Day at PJATK is the opportunity for prospective students to explore the university, talk to the teachers, students and representatives of the departments, relevant for future students (Recruitment Department, Foreign Exchange Department, the Career Office, etc.)

It's an opportunity to become familiar with the principles of enrolment and study, curriculum, educational methods, conducted at PJATK. During the Open Day, you can visit the Academy workshops and laboratories, such as multimedia workshop, mobile networks laboratory, 3D printing laboratory, recording and sound studio, photo laboratory, painting and graphics workshops.

If you are interested in New Media Art studies, you will be able to consult your portfolio with PJATK specialists. And if your field of interest is computer games, members of NINJA PJATK team will tell you more about e-sport and your possibilities of being a part of the team!


The detailed program of the PJATK Open Day

15:30 The beginning of the event. Main hall, ground floor, building A

15:40 “About the Academy” – presentation, room 337, 3rd floor, building A

16:10 Visiting the Academy studios and laboratories

16.30 "Presentation of the process of 3D acquisition, processing and printing" - Michal Tomaszewski PhD, 3D printing laboratory, basement, building A

17:00 "VR and 3D graphics” – Krzysztof Kalinowski PhD, building F

17.15 “About the Academy” – presentation, room C101, 1st floor, building C

17:45 Visiting the Academy studios and laboratories

18.00 "E-sport fascination" by Karolina Wierzchałek, Dominik Kozieł – PJAIT’s students

18:30 The end of the event