Education on-line

Education on-line

Summer Semester 2020
Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology

Due to the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus the whole world had to switch to a different mode of operation, which of course affected our sphere of education. However we at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology managed to very efficiently transfer our entire curriculum to the remote mode of distance learning.

Thanks to the Microsoft Teams platform, students were automatically moved to the virtual world so they could communicate with their teachers and colleagues. It was because of this software that we were all able to manage our time and credits in accordance to the study program and syllabuses. In addition to this, PJAIT still works on the proprietary administrative and educational platform Gakko, which allows for smooth communication between the dean's offices and students, and most importantly, allows for the safe conduct of exams and sessions.

Both educators and students had to adjust their habits and change the methods of providing knowledge. But through hundreds of hours of webinars, language courses and distance learning we discovered new opportunities and new challenges: rising to all of them.

Our full-time studies were conducted online and in accordance to the respective timetables and modes of working:

  • Classes took place in compliance with the students’ schedules; while teachers and students communicated via the Microsoft Teams platform;
  • The more specialised programs that students and lecturers have access to on PJAIT computers were also made available through the special VMware Horizon virtualization product.
  • The additional materials from the classes are always saved and made available to students immediately afterwards;
  • Consultations and exams take place in the form of pre-arranged online meetings via the Gakko program;
  • Student works are presented in the form of a virtual exhibition. The laboratories and classes that require specialist equipment are carried out in compliance with all precautionary rules;
  • The classes are fully interactive, so you can ask questions and have in depth conversations.

Please watch this video we recorded with Piotr Gago, lecturer at the Faculty of Computer Science, to see it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGEKIJvdOJU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGEKIJvdOJU

grafika nauczanie online 1

During the winter semester of 2020/2021, there will be three forms of teaching:

  1. Traditional (least likely): all classes will take place at the Academy's premises according to a structure similar to previous years;
  2. Hybrid (preferred by PJAIT): lectures on MS Teams, with other classes taking place in two options (depending on the decisions of individual students):
    1. At the seat of the Academy;
    2. Via MS Teams.

    For full-time studies, lectures are held on two days and the remaining classes on the remaining three days of the week. For part-time studies, lectures take place on the 1st day of the conference, while the remaining classes take place on the 2nd day.

  3. Remote (if this is the decision of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education): as was the situation during  the 2020 summer semester, all classes will be held via MS Teams according to a similar plan developed the previous year.

Don’t forget to watch our #mood video that features shots from this year’s in-Academy defense of diploma theses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUChwbbXW_8


Our online studies offer remote working and give the first-year students of the faculties of Computer Science and Information Management the choice whether they want to take part in in-house classroom exercises, or would prefer to conduct them online. The first-years can study in a hybrid form. This new academic year will bring changes that will allow us to continue our studies and lead academic life depending on our abilities and willingness.

The study program provides:

  • Two days a week of lectures - remotely (all lectures for both full-time and part-time students)
  • Three days of exercises - conducted at the Academy*

*the individual student has the option to declare whether they want to participate in the exercises / laboratories physically or online via the Microsoft Teams platform (This refers to the 1st year of study / hybrid studies mode)

Similarly, the program will apply to part-time studies (during weekend meetings):

  • One day of lectures - remotely
  • One day of exercises - conducted at the Academy*

*the individual student has the option to declare whether they want to participate in the exercises / laboratories physically or online via the Microsoft Teams platform (refers to the 1st year of study / hybrid studies mode)

In the 2020/2021 academic year, lectures and language courses will be conducted online via the Microsoft Teams platform.

The ordinance of the Rector of PJAIT covers studies in Warsaw at the Information Management Department and at the Information Technology Department.

Why is it worth choosing online studies at PJAIT?

We are technically and substantially prepared for this new remote mode of working as we have the appropriate infrastructure to conduct and support online classes. Plus we always strive for the highest quality of education, regardless of working conditions.