Wystawa - Gyubal Wahazar

Gyubal Wahazar - the exhibition 19.10

Students of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Witkacy's Institute and the Museum of Mazovian Jews wish to invite you to the exhibition "On the uplands of absurdity", devoted to the drama "Gyubal Wahazar" by Stanisław Witkiewicz.

The exhibition will take place as a part of 8th Themerson's Festival.

19th of October 2017, start of the event: 6 p.m.
Museum of Mazovian Jews
Kwiatka 7 Street, Płock

Free entrance!



About the project
The "Gyubal Wahazar' project was accomplished thanks to research and initiative of Małgorzata Sady and Marek Średniawa, who in 2016 published, in Sztuka Edycji, an article on the subject of publishing, by the Gaberbocchus Press in London, an english translation of 'Gyubal Wahazar'.
Encouraged to continue this (never carried out) challenge, Małgorzata Sady and Marek Średniawa, in their lectures, pictured Themerson's and Witkacy's vita, also with existing interpretations of 'Wahazar'.
This is how, the workshops for the group of 1st year students of New Media Arts from Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, lead by Ewa Satelecka (typography) and Andrzej Klimowski (illustration), were boot up.

We're showing this crazy, dynamic and patchwork publication in a form of exhibition that consists chosen works of 22 authors, this includes: illustrations; posters; projects of pictograms,decorative letters; layout's projects and animation with elements of augmented reality.

Both initiators of the project and workshop leaders intented on using the new technology and unconventional methods.

Creativity of Themersons, audacity to experiment with different forms of comunication, endorsed to have similar attitude towards the challenge that is bringing out universal and, in our times, attractive content of historical text.

The drama is about 100 years old.
How was it read and interpreted by today's twenty-year-olds?

We shall find out on the 19th of October in Płock.