Information For New Students

Information For New Students

Welcome to the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technologies!


The Academic Year summer semester 2021/2022 will start on (1st year):

  • Courses via the Internet - undergraduate (bachelor) program in English - WSI (Introduction to information technologies) mandatory workshop will take place via Microsoft Teams platform on 25-28 February 2022, online courses will start on 7 March
  • March 7 - for students of a full-time program - master's degree


Student's account

In order to log into your account, please enter dziekanat.pja.edu.pl(Web Dean’s Office). When you log in you will be able to access your data, see the balance of your account, verify to which group you have been ascribed. The login and the password will be sent to you in a couple of days after signing PJAIT student's agreement.

You can change your password at haslo.pja.edu.pl

Also at the Dean's Office, you can add „special password” to your account. Everyone who will contact us and use that password will be able to find out the information on your student's progress, marks and exams.

Extra course of Polish language for foreign students.


Rules for using Microsoft Teams

MS Teams

Information about Academy (download)


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be found under following addresses:

  1. How to submit a request? (more)

    Requests (podania) should be submitted via the electronic request system: podania.pja.edu.pl

  2. Where can I check the timetable and calendar of the academic year (more)

    The timetable is available here: planzajec.pja.edu.pl Please note that the timetable may be subject to considerable changes, especially at the start of the semester. Please check it regularly. The calendar of semesters and exam sessions can be found at: Rozklad roku (Calendar of academic year)

  3. Where and when can I collect my student ID? (more)

    Information regarding the collection of student IDs can be found at: Komunikaty (Announcements)

  4. Can I obtain invoices for my studies? (more)

    The rules of issuing invoices are available at: Opłaty i druki

    In order to obtain proof of payment necessary for the resident’s card (for foreigners), please contact us in advance by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  5. Where can I get important documents? (more)

    Rules of study, conditions for obtaining financial support, Academy’s Statutes and other important documents can be found at: Ważne dokumenty

  6. What is Baza systemowo-sprzętowa (BSS)? (more)

    They are the Administrators of the Academy’s services. Information regarding those, e.g. Wi-Fi, ELMS, mail, software, etc. can be found at bss.pja.edu.pl

  7. Does PJATK possess its own Halls of Residence for students? (more)

    Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology does not have its own halls of residence for students. Our students can use the facilities of other schools or private firms (see below). All arrangements and payments should be done directly with the operator of the chosen place.

    Accommodation offers.

  8. Internet studies (more)

    Internet students use our educational platforms EDUx and/or Nomad

    IMPORTANT: Please use the EDUx szstem regularly and check the announcements posted there.


    We wish you academic success!