#PJATK4Earth is a project of Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw. The project will change students’ everyday habits for environmentally friendly actions.

For this, we decided to create an action under the title #PJATK4Earth. Waste sorting is a part of the action. This week you can find new waste bins on each floor of #PJATK building. They are for metal, plastic, glass, organic waste, and mixed waste. The bins are fully ecological. They are made of cardboard and garbage bags are biodegradable. Cleaners will wait until the bins are full (except organic waste).

We kindly ask you to put the garbage into a suitable bin.

We have set up a container for unnecessary things in A building and in building C. The students can exchange books or modelling clay, has been left after the exercises.

Here You can find rules how to use exchange boxes!

In our academy shop, you can buy glass bottles and ecological bags. You can use them many times instead of plastic bags.

We are encourage students, workers and lecturers to submit ideas for ecological activities on our profile on Facebook @polskojaponska and under post with hashtag #PJATK4Earth.