After the meeting with Prof. Roman Duszek

After the meeting with Prof. Roman Duszek

On Friday, December 10, at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, we held an exceptional author's meeting with Prof. Roman Duszek, accompanying the book premiere of “Spiral. Designer's Confessions", just published by the Karakter publishing house!

The guests of the event were Prof. Roman Duszek, Ewa Satalecka – Dean of the Faculty of New Media Art at PJAIT, Przemek Dębowski (Karakter) – publisher, and Patryk Hardziej – designer of the exhibition devoted to the figure and works of Prof. Duszek. The exhibition "Duszek" is available to the visitors until January 10 in Building A of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw, ul. Koszykowa 86.

For all those who did not have the opportunity to join us during the event and want to listen to conversations about the work of a designer, educator, and legendary graphic projects of Prof. Roman Duszek (including LOT, Hotel Victoria, Dziennik Telewizji, Kiri, visual communication of the Warsaw metro), we provide the video recording of the meeting, which you can find on our YouTube channel.