Student project at 2017 International WRO Biennale

Student project at 2017 International WRO Biennale

It gives us great pleasure to announce that one of the artists featured at the 2017 International WRO Biennale, one of Europe’s most influential new media festivals, is a graduate of PJAIT, Aleksandra Stodulska.

Her degree project, entitled Lazy Eye, completed at the Multimedia Studio, will be shown as part of the Unconditioned Reflexes exhibition in the Main Programme at the Biennale.

The installation is based on the experience of a person with a vision impairment. The artist has created a visualisation of how to view a text with a malfunctioning eye, based on a number of studies she has undertaken. Her work addresses the issues of perception and concentration, along with the issues of the excess of information, confusion and discrimination.

Do join us at the WRO Media Art Biennale, which this year has the theme Draft Systems and the Unconditioned Reflexes exhibition, opening on 17 May at 18.00 at the WRO Atelier, ul. Kuźnicza 29A, Wroclaw.

Spotlight #2 - conversation with Anna Stodulska

For more on the exhibition and the project:
- about Unconditioned Reflexes : http://wro2017.wrocenter.pl/impulsy/
- a description of Lazy Eye and artist details: http://wro2017.wrocenter.pl/works/lazyeye/
- documentation: http://multimedia.pja.edu.pl/portfolio/lazy-eye/
- WRO Biennale / press: http://www.e-flux.com/announcements/129993/17th-media-art-biennale-wro-2017-draft-systems/
- Report from the Exhibition of Lazy Eye project at PJAIT December 2016: http://www.pja.edu.pl/aktualnosci/wystawa-pracy-dyplomowej-pt-lazy-eye