Silent Writing Performance

Silent Writing Performance

We invite you to an extraordinary event.

On 19 January the Warsaw Public Library (Biblioteka Publiczna m. st. Warszawy) will be filled with calligraphers from all parts
of the world writing in their different scripts. The Reading Room will be in darkness and complete silence, only the desks of the calligraphers lit by spotlights.

You will be able to wander from desk to desk, weaving your way from the intricate lines of Arabic script to the open brushwork of Chinese, from the solid lines of Hindi to the balanced geometry of the Greek alphabet, from Latin to Cyrillic, Polish, German, English.

This project is the brain-child of calligrapher Brody Neuenschwander, who has been researching the history and diversity of writing for many years. We are what we write, and if we write together we live together.

Let yourself be amazed by the beauty of the world’s calligraphy. Join us.

Where: Warsaw Public Library (Biblioteka Publiczna m. st. Warszawy) ul. Koszykowa 26/28
             Reading-Room named Stanisławów Kierbedziów (1st floor)

When: 19.01.2019 18:00-19:30