Insurance for students

Insurance for students

Dear Students,


We would like to inform you that in the academic year 2021/22, each student of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology was covered by an accident and civil liability insurance.

The insurance protects students in the event of an accident (in this case, a traffic accident), guarantees the reimbursement of treatment costs in the event of an accident, guarantees the payment of benefits for each day of hospital stay as a result of an accident, takes into account serious illnesses and provides protection 24 hours a day. Third-party liability insurance provides protection for personal and property damages during participation in classes, in particular during classes in laboratories, internships, etc., as well as in private life.

You can read about the details of insurance, ranges, and amounts of benefits on the website: https://pjatk.mentor.pl/. For now, the website is only available in Polish, and soon it will also be available in English.


You do not need to register anywhere to take advantage of the insurance. Every student of PJAIT, regardless of nationality and mode of study, is insured by the University.


If you have questions or want to learn more about accident insurance and third-party liability insurance for PJAIT Students, please contact Mr. Krzysztof Tomaszewicz from Mentor S.A.

Mentor S.A.
Insurance Broker
Krzysztof Tomaszewicz
tel. 56 669 33 06
tel. kom. 691 481 774
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