Doctoral degree for the Department of New Media Arts

Doctoral degree for the Department of New Media Arts

Central Committee for Degrees and Titles vested The Faculty of New Media Arts PJATK the right to award Ph.D. degrees in fine arts.

At the same time, Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology became the first non-public institution with such rights. At present, PJATK has the right to grant doctoral degrees in 3 academic disciplines (IT, mechanics, fine arts) as well as a Ph.D. with habilitation in IT.

Within the Department of New Media Arts there are also undergraduate and master’s studies – in both Polish and English languages. Thus, these obtained rights opens the way to launching postgraduate studies – doctoral studies.

CANDIDATES FOR DOCTORAL STUDIES AT PJAIT can submit applications to start conferment procedure to the Dean, dr hab. Ewa Satalecka at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The following should be enclosed with the application:

1) a certified copy of the document confirming the professional degree mentioned in the Act of 14 March 2003, clause. 12, section 1 regarding academic degrees and degrees in fine arts, referred to as the Act hereafter, or
2) a diploma specified in clause. 191a sections 3 and 4 Act of 27 July 2005 – Act on Higher Education
(Dz. U. z 2012 r. poz. 572, z p.źn. zm.2) );

2) a proposal of a subject and concept of the dissertation with the indication of relevant field of science or art. As well as the discipline which the procedure will apply to, and the additional discipline;

3) a proposal of a person who will act as Supervisor, and, in cases mentioned in clause 2, section 2, also a proposal regarding persons who will be co-tutors or ancillary supervisors;

4) a list of academic and artistic publications, works of art. Documentation of artistic achievement together with its public presentation and information on actions promoting the academic or artistic discipline.

The candidate may enclose also:
1) a copy of certificate attested by the body which will carry the conferment procedure which confirms the fluency in a contemporary foreign language, the list of such certificates is enclosed as supplement 1 to this document;

2) a request to present the dissertation in a language other than Polish.

The Faculty of New Media Arts offers courses and workshops which will facilitate the candidate’s work in the form of monthly sessions starting Friday afternoon until Sunday – 10 meetings in a semester.
The aim of the course is to introduce candidates to research methodology and to teach writing academic papers at the international level.

Detailed syllabus and dates of classes will be published after 13 October 2017.

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