Open Lecture - Czułość : utopian concepts 24.04

​On behalf of Klaudiusz Ślusarczyk and NeMA MA students,

the MA New Media Arts department would like to invite you to the next meeting as part of a series of Special Open Lectures on UTOPIA:

Czułość : utopian concepts  / with Zuzanna Koszuta and Janek Zamoyski -  moderated by Klaudiusz Ślusarczyk 

at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology / ul. Koszykowa 86
Studio Sztuki [building C] on Tuesday 24.04.2018  at 16:30

[meeting in English]

Czułość gallery was created in 2010 by a group of young artists looking for their own language and field of expression in photography. They were artists who  not only generationally but also aesthetically saw no place for themselves in existing institutions - so they decided to create their own, based on a co-operative, common production, self-help and far-reaching openness space to collaborate with other creative communities. The formula is a resounding success; over a short time Czułość has become an important place on the artistic map of Warsaw, and in the field of photography without a doubt the utmost  dynamic.

poster design: Barbara Kielak [NeMA PJATK]


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