Training Biofeedback

Training Biofeedback

Dear Students,
We are pleased to inform you that from March 21, you will be able to take part in Biofeedback training at our University! It will be conducted by our Psychologist, Sonia Ziemba-Domańska, who is a certified 1st-degree Biofeedback specialist and a HEG Biofeedback specialist.

What is neuroimaging and how can it help you?

Biofeedback, i. e. biological feedback, provides the training person with feedback on their physiological condition. The body's physiological changes are monitored by specialized systems that collect data from sensors placed on the head. During the BFE Training, participants receive feedback on the frequency of the brain waves naturally emitted by their brains. Most of us are unaware of the constant, subtle fluctuations and changes that occur in the activity of our brain waves. Thanks to the biological feedback, it is possible to consciously change the pattern of waves produced in the brain, which allows it to influence its functioning.

Biofeedback is used in the treatment of adults struggling with:

  • learning difficulties,
  • ADHD, ADD,
  • depression,
  • anxiety disorders,
  • excessive stress,
  • sleep disorders,
  • concentration disorders,
  • addictions,
  • lack of self-regulation of physiological reactions (e.g. stage fright, stress control),
  • psychosomatic disorders of a stressful basis (hypertension, cardiovascular diseases).

Biofeedback training is also used in scientific research and therapy of healthy people to improve the functioning of the mind. The use of neurofeedback is very wide. A separate field is the non-therapeutic use of neurofeedback for peak performance training – developing mental potential and increasing stress resistance.
Biofeedback will be a great way to raise your cognitive abilities!

We invite you to sign up directly at the Psychologist Sonia Ziemba-Domańska: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..