Students transferring from other schools

Students transferring from other schools

Those who want to transfer from other schools can enrol for higher semesters, by transferring the credits from their previous studies.


If you want to transfer the credits from another school you must:

- submit "Transcript of Records", issued by the Dean's Office and officially certified. Be sure that your transcript of records includes the information about: the number of hours for each subject, a form of examination (e.g., exam/pass/etc), a grade, a form of classes (e.g. lecture, laboratory, seminar);

- submit syllabus ( a document that includes the basic elements of a course: topics, a weekly schedule, a list of tests, assignments, and their associated weightings). The document should be certified by the awarding institution.  An example of the syllabus;

- create an account on the recruitment portal and submit the required documents accordingly to the rules of admission to the chosen course;

- instead of "Transcript of Records" the Bachelor Degree Diploma Supplement can be submitted (if you've already graduated from studies).


The above-mentioned documents should be sent to the Recruitment Department (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 

The final decision on the transfer is made by the Dean of the Faculty.

According to the Rector's decision grades older than 5 years are not transferable.


The transfer will be approved by the Dean of the relevant Faculty or a designated person (see the list below).

Faculty of Information Technology
Senior Lecturer, Adam Smyk, MSc

Faculty of New Media Arts - Graphic Design

full-time studies in Polish
Vice-Dean, dr Piotr Nowiński

full-time studies in English
Dean, prof. Ewa Satalecka

part-time studies
Vice-Dean, prof. Andrzej Kalina

Additionally, a candidate may be asked to submit a portfolio of works.

Faculty of New Media Arts - Interior Design
Vice-Dean, prof. Piotr Sieciński

Additionally, a candidate may be asked to submit a portfolio of works.

Faculty of Information Management
Dean, dr. Małgorzata Cieciora

Faculty of Culture and Language of Japan
Dean, prof. Jerzy Wasilewski