General information

General information

Students of the second degree program in GRAPHIC DESIGN will receive a thorough theoretical and practical knowledge both from selected areas of computer techniques' usage and graphics.

The computer science subjects offered in the curriculum include elements from such fields as multimedia graphics, web graphics, multimedia presentation techniques, digital printing techniques, creation of computer animation (2D and 3D), three-dimensional modeling, music and sound in multimedia presentations, special effects. Theoretical and practical knowledge is complemented by practical skills acquired in specialized computer laboratories.

In the area of fine arts and design in the field of graphic arts, great importance is attached to providing students with thorough knowledge that allows them to undertake independent creative activities, so students will expand their knowledge and skills in drawing and composition, painting and forms of expression, graphic design, printmaking, alternative design, photography, editorial graphics and advertising art.

The curriculum is based on the conveying and consolidation of knowledge about the mechanisms of visual perception occurring both in the process of creating images (all artistic activities in the field of visual communication: drawing, easel painting, computer graphics, graphic design, digital print reproduction, multimedia techniques - film, video, animation, sound), and their reception by the observer, and on the conveying and consolidation of knowledge about shape, depth, color, sound and movement as the material for creating images – the language of visual communication.

Second degree studies in graphic design at the Faculty of New Media Art are conducted on a full-time (daytime) and part-time (extramural) basis.


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