Requirements for candidates

Requirements for candidates

Our offer is targeted to candidates who already possess knowledge and skills envisaged for the 1st cycle (undergraduate) studies, i.e.:

  • Mastery of at least one general-purpose programming language,
  • The ability to use integrated programming environment, libraries and programming frameworks,
  • Knowledge of mathematical analysis, algebra, geometry, discrete mathematics and statistical data analysis to the extent which is necessary for participation in engineering projects in IT,
  • The knowledge of construction and operation of computer networks,
  • The knowledge of designing and implementing relational databases,
  • The knowledge of selected methodology of software development,
  • The knowledge of creating and using technical documentation of a simple information system,
  • The skill of drawing specifications of models used for analysing and design of information systems,
  • The ability to cooperate and communicate in a team-based project,
  • The skill of public presentation of results of individual or team work,
  • The skills of effective time management and self-study.

A candidate whose previous education did not provide him or her with the above mentioned skills and knowledge can choose a 4-semester course, with the first semester reserved for doing the lacking 1 st cycle courses.