5th Workshop for doctoral students & young researchers in IT

5th Workshop for Doctoral Students and Young Researchers in IT

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Call for Participation in the 5th Workshop
for Doctoral Students and Young Researchers 
in Information Technology
Kazimierz Dolny
21-23 October, 2018


The Scientific and Organizing Committees of the 5th Workshop for Doctoral Students and Young Researchers in Information Technology, 21-23 October, 2018, Kazimierz Dolny, Poland, invites you to participate in this very important event for the young scientists.

We would like to express our gratitude towards all who have made this meeting interesting and informative.
We would also like to congratulate all participants whose presentations have been honored. 

Photos from the event can be viewed here:

There is no need to stress that the Computer Science is one of the most influential fields of research, spanning many interdisciplinary scientific efforts and as the result radically transforming our environment.

REASONS to participate:
• get professional feedback on your research plans or the current progress in research,
• find new contacts with peers researching related topics,
• improve communication skills in scientific domains as a key for future success,
• broaden your prospect of professional interests,
• learn how to deliver constructive criticism and still have many friends,
• participate in informal debates on the future of ICT,
• relax a bit after hard work.

Some examples of the research areas (but not limited to them only);
• cloud computing development and deployment, trust, security and privacy,
• internet systems and their quality,
• information security,
• databases, ontologies and semantic issues,
• business process design and management, workflow systems,
• innovative and smart applications,
• big data analytics,
• natural languages processing,
• data management/governance in e-government, e-health, e-finance,…
• human-computer interaction,
• games and multimedia,
• image and video processing,
• computer simulations,
• advanced networking (ad-hoc and sensor networks, network security),
• ICT for decision support,
• ICT in medicine,
• bioinformatics,
• social informatics.

Join the workshop this year!

Get involved by submitting your paper. Go for instructions how to prepare the Paper and the Workshop Presentation.

Your presentation during the Workshop will be carefully evaluated from several perspectives by the Program Committee members, and particularly:

• your research plan,
• your current results,
• your writing skills and presentation quality,
• future potential of your selected scientific problems.

You will get targeted feedback, specially dedicated to you to assist you with future research development.

Presentations will be appraised in two categories:
1. Initial Research Category – evaluation of the research proposal and the research plan,
2. Advanced Research Category – evaluation of research plan and the progress showing some own new results.

To assist you with a preparation of the good quality paper, it is expected a note of recommendation from your research advisor submitted together with your paper.
All submitted papers with supervisor’s recommendation will be accepted to the Workshop. However, based on the detailed evaluation of all papers and presentations, authors of selected papers will be invited to submit extended versions of the presented work for publication in the journal Computer Science, published by the AGH University of Science and Technology.

The participants get a chance to attend and comment on presentations from your PhD colleagues from different universities. Refreshing inspiration from workshop appearances will energize you for your subsequent efforts towards the PhD degree. Trust us, building the community is helpful and encouraging for future collaboration!

We plan to limit the number of participants up to 60 students/researchers. The registration fee covering the accommodation, meals and all the facilities on the site is 1100 PLN and has to be paid on the bank account:

Polsko-Japońska Akademia Technik Komputerowych
ul. Koszykowa 86, 02-008 Warszawa
PL76 1240 6247 1111 0000 4977 3594



The registration deadline is September 7, September 21, 2018.
The papers submission deadline is September 21, September 30, 2018.

Papers should be sent to: Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

Scientific Committee

Romuald Kotowski, Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, SC-Chair
Maria Orłowska, Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, co-Chair
Adam Wierzbicki, Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, co-Chair
Krzysztof Marasek, Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, co-Chair
Andrzej Przybyszewski, Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology and University of Massachusetts Medical School
Aleksander Byrski, AGH University of Science and Technology
Andrzej Napieralski, Lodz University of Technology
Mariusz Zubert, Lodz University of Technology
Jarogniew Rykowski, Poznan University of Economics
Andrzej Zieliński, ORANGE

Organizing Committee
Aneta Ługowska
Monika Dryja

Organizers: Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра..
Tel. +48 22 58 44 526
Detailed Information: http://www.pja.edu.pl/informatyka/doktoranckie/phd-workshop