MIDI International Conference 2022/2023

MIDI International Conference 2022/2023

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MIDI International Conference offers a global forum for presenting design tools, methods, techniques, solutions and novel approaches for integrating people and intelligent technologies.
The conference is a quality-oriented event with a limited number of participants in order to stimulate lively, thought-provoking discussions, and to provide conditions for establishing memorable personal contact.
In 2020 the scope of the MIDI Conference has been extended to interactions taking place between humans and “smart” systems based on various types of machine intelligence.


           Machine Intelligence

  • intelligent service systems and semantic computing
  • analytics and deep learning
  • intelligent vehicles and autonomous cars
  • smart industrial automation and manufacturing
  • intelligent safety systems and risk management
  • intelligent decision support systems
  • brain-inspired modelling and simulation
  • intelligent problem solving
  • cognitively-based systems integration
  • modelling and optimisation of intelligent systems
  • intelligent software and systems engineering
  • complex human-systems integration
  • human-machine teaming and collaboration
  • intelligent interfaces for human-artificial systems
  • complex evolutionary and adaptive cognitive systems
  • biological and social inspirations of human decision-making

    Digital interation

  • usability and user experience with artificial cognitive systems
  • interactive multimedia and multimodal interaction with artificial cognitive systems
  • novel interaction techniques, intelligent voice interfaces, interactive multimedia
  • human-artificial systems collaboration
  • ubiquitous, multimodal, pervasive and mobile interaction, wearable computing
  • privacy, security and trust for artificial intelligence systems
  • novel information visualisation and presentation techniques
  • hybrid human-artificial systems centred design
  • virtual humans and virtual worlds: augmented/virtual reality
  • understanding people and interactions with “smart” systems: theory, concepts, models and methods.

 Registration link https://midi2022.opi.org.pl/registration/