Covid-19 - information for students, staff and visitors

Covid-19 - information for students, staff and visitors

PJAIT community is striving to maintain the highest level of education and research regardless of the situation, so the students get the best out of their learning experience. In today's particular conditions we are also looking towards the future improvements of the educational system.

Several new digital and logistic solutions were implemented at the very early stage: for the safety of all students, staff and visitors.

PJAIT is prepared and has proven to deliver education on site, hybrid and fully online, and is capable of switching between the methods fluently.

As for the COVID-19 precautions: all the students, staff and visitors are to follow the Polish government's regulations, and to monitor the situation in the country daily. All the students: check your PJAIT emails daily for important announcements.

While visiting the campus: use the temperature measuring gates before entering any of the campus' buildings. Always wear a mask, keep the distance, disinfect and wash your hands frequently.

You can find the links to the most important sources of information by the government, ministries and the PJAIT authorities' announcements, below.

Polish Ministry of Health and Chief Sanitary Inspectorate information materials on COVID-19:

New Regulations by Polish Government are Announced Due To COVID-19:
[updated on 4th of November 2020]
Coronavirus regulations and restrictions in Poland [link]

PJAIT Authorities decisions:
[updated on 21st of June 2021]

  1. 12 March 2021, Concerning the operation of Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology during the COVID-19 epidemic in Poland. [link]
  2. The Order of the Rector of PJAIT of 16 October, 2020, concerning organisational changes implemented in order to limit the spreading of COVID-19 among members of the PJAIT community. [link]
  3. Safety procedures and specific activities at PJATK connected with the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 virus infection [link]
  4. The Order of the Rector of PJATK - 9 October 2020 [link]